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Thom Loafman


I'm the second of four boys raised by hard-working parents in an oil, ranch, and farm town in south central Oklahoma called Duncan. My Texan grandparents had moved there for work, and when I graduated the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Finance, I moved to Texas for work.  My wife and I met in a Dallas bank in 1989.  I was very good at banking, but I never enjoyed it, grew increasingly frustrated, and had to pursue this drive I'd always had to produce images other people could appreciate.

Leaving a respectable banking job to be an artist raises a lot of eyebrows, but my fantastic wife Melissa never blinked.  I took a huge pay cut, but I got work painting commercial murals in Dallas. I completed paintings of my own and entered competitions, winning some.  I took night classes in digital art and software.  I painted signs. I worked in specialty manufacturing - sculpting and painting movie props, casino decorations, theatre backdrops, and championship footballs to name a few. Over time, I found success freelancing as an illustrator and designer, and have done so for the last 24 years.  When I can, I indulge my passion for painting. I owe everything to Melissa, who believed in me through all those years of learning.

Today we reside in a growing Dallas suburb near a lake.  We love animals and support their causes, and love to garden, cook, and travel together.  We love the outdoors and living in Texas.  I volunteer for the arts, with developmentally disabled adults, and serve in a semi-judicial role for my county. I love to tinker with computers and electronics, and play the guitar badly. Thank you for seeing my art.

Thom Loafman
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